Ever since I can remember, I have been fond of making things out of paper. There used to be simple models printed on the back of cereal packets, so once the sibling row over the last remaining contents was won, the battle for the carton ensued!

The most exciting day of the year was, when the paper models sample pack from arrived at school. Even though they each cost only 1 Swiss Franc back in those days, the choice was a tough one. Would it be a castle, a church or perhaps a ship this year?


Kits No. 311 and 312 ‘Lokomotive Limmat & Tender’

My favourite of all time was (and still is) the ‘Spanisch Brötli Bahn 1847’ and I have assembled those three kits several times in my life. One thing that has always annoyed me though, was that two thirds of  the train are missing! So, I have taken it upon myself to create all the others. While three of them were the same shape as the first class coach, the open 3rd passenger car and the luggage van have entirely new superstructures.

Original kit No. 313 first class coach A1 and its siblings luggage van F94, open 3rd class passenger car C41 and the unfinished C66

These models were drawn to the rather unusual scale of 1:29. The nearest standard model railway scale is 1:32, or gauge I. Work is now underway to create a super detailed ‘Spanisch Brötli Bahn 1847’ in that scale. The first sample has already been made up.

Constructed to check the fit of the parts, this is the groundwork before
detailed colour graphics are added.



The latest project is a model of ex Tasmanian Government Railways Passenger rail car DP14. It dates from 1939 and was built by Waddington’s of Granville, NSW. It used to run Hobart suburban and mainline services, until the end of passenger trains in Tasmania in 1978. Since then, it as used on the North West coast as a tourist train. It is now going to be restored and put back into service on the soon-to-be Launceston & North East Railway.


A line drawing with measurements of its immediate predecessor, DP13
after it was converted to an inspection car.


DP14 at its current location on the North East line.



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