Märklin H0 – the old layout 

The first ‘fixed’ layout since my late teens, this Märklin H0 layout was laid directly on the attic floor. It grew over a period of several years and had a double track oval, an inner reverse loop and a long bridge creating a large figure 8 run also. There was a 5-track station that could accommodate trains up to 180cm in length. It was fully signalled and controlled electrically from a central panel. In the end, it even had catenary overhead wiring, before it was taken down.




 Märklin H0 – the new layout
This layout measures 120 x 240cm and is mounted on a board that divides into three sections. It is a scaled-down version of the old layout, with one oval and reversing loop, with the overhead bridge creating the figure 8. Two trains can run automatically in two configurations in both directions.
It was originally built as part of a school project and since there was no space for it there, it was given back to me. I have since modified it quite substantially, adding a turntable and more elaborate sidings, as well as overhead catenary wires. It is a work in progress…


 Märklin H0 – Miscellaneous 
Random videos of Märklin items.