The Heritage Rail Gazette is a pithy little newsletter I co-author and edit on behalf of Keep the North East Railway community action group, in an effort to save Tasmania’s disused railway line between Launceston and Scottsdale. It gives an insider’s view of how politics operates in this country and the immense struggle that is required to effect change that deviates from the accepted way forward. The Gazette exposes improper conduct and shonky dealings in the high echelons of power, collating publicly available information and presenting it to the people in a concise, no-holds-barred format.

Issue No. 1 February 05, 2018

Issue No. 2 February 12, 2018

Issue No. 3 February 19, 2018

Issue No. 4 February 27, 2018

Issue No. 5 March 05, 2018

Issue No. 6 July, 29, 2018

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