• John Davies

    I’m building this model at present, and putting a lot of extra details into it. The weakest point perhaps is the angularity of the hull, which needs extra card layers adding inside the hull, before sealing with model aircraft dope and then careful sanding. It’ll then need repainting with Humbrol enamel, not too difficult, and necessary anyway as my printer didn’t do the colours justice.
    The deck needs permanently mounting on the hull. Cut the portholes and cabin windows out, and glaze them, and add as much three dimensional detail as I can.
    This is a lovely little model – not as complex as a Schreiber-bogen kit perhaps, and a tadge tricky in places, but well worth putting a lot of effort into making. Thanks very much for making it available for us.

    January 24, 2015
    • dolfmeister

      Hello John, thanks for your comment. I’d say this this kit was originally intended for a younger audience, but it makes a good base to build a much more detailed model upon. I once heard someone say it was perfect for making in tin plate.

      The original still exists, but no longer looks as it does in the model. It suffered severe damage when Lake Lucerne flooded the museum and it has since been moved to a new location and is in the process of being restored to its 1870s appearance.

      Plans to put her back into service as an historic vessel were found to be unworkable, as too much original fabric would have had to be destroyed in order to comply with modern safety regulations. Also, its rather limited passenger capacity would not have allowed her to earn her keep.

      Anyway, I’d love to see pictures of your finished model!

      January 24, 2015

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